SAT Stands for “Scholastic Assessment Test"

It is one of the most popular and widely regarded evaluation tests for students interested in studying abroad for undergraduate degrees. The College Board has administered and conducted the SAT Exam since its establishment. The Scholastic Aptitude Test was earlier called as the SAT Exam.

The SAT Score is one of the requirements for enrollment in universities or higher education institutions in nations such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

The SAT Test Structure

The SAT test comprises of three sections – Critical Reading, Math and Writing. Reading consists of reading phrases and passages, while Writing consists of multiple-choice questions and a brief essay, and Math consists of questions on probability and statistics, arithmetic operations, geometry, and algebra.

Total Test Duration 3 hours

The test takes roughly 3 hours to finish in total. A 10-minute break follows the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Section. After then, the Math part begins. Thus, the total duration is 3 hours 10 minutes.

A TOEFL Test result is valid for five years.

Reading Writing and Language Maths(No Calculator) Maths(Calculator)
65 minutes 35 minutes 25 minutes 55 minutes

SAT Score and What it Means?

Reading and Writing: 670 - 800
Math: 690 - 800
Best SAT Scores
Reading and Writing: 610 - 660
Math: 600 - 680
Competitive SAT Scores
Reading and Writing: 540 - 600
Math: 530 - 590
Above Average SAT Scores
Reading and Writing: 530 or lower
Math: 530 or lesser
Below Average SAT Scores
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