Canada is a first-world country with slick contemporary infrastructure, welcoming people, and a breathtaking natural landscape unlike any other. Canada is without a doubt a superb destination for an international study experience and a welcoming environment for individuals of all ethnicities, having regularly placed in the top ten nations to live in since 1994.

The Education System

Canada offers a world-class educational system that is taught in English and French, the world's two most widely spoken languages. Student achievements are of the highest caliber due to the country's high GDP spending on education (ranked second among the G-8 nations). Degrees, diplomas, and certifications from Canada are highly recognized across the world. You'll interact with people who live in a forward-thinking culture while studying from some of Canada's best brains at top universities.

Cost to Study in Canada from Nepal?

It's common knowledge that studying in Canada is substantially less expensive than in other popular study destinations. Nepalese students can even apply for government-funded scholarships to study in Canada.

Depending on the degree of study and the university, the total cost to study in Canada from Nepal for an undergraduate programme is usually approximately CA$25,000 per year*. More costly degrees, such as engineering and medical, can cost up to $28,000 per year on average. Furthermore, there are several scholarships available in Canada to apply for if you wish to save money.  

Best Places to Study

As a study destination, Canada is becoming highly desirable. Canada's educational system is world-renowned. You will immediately earn global reputation after graduating if you study here. The cities with the highest-ranking universities for international students in Canada are:

• Montreal
• Toronto
• Vancouver
• Quebec city
• Edmonton

Popular courses to study

The quality of education in Canada is widely recognized and most preferred by students worldwide, with 26 of Canada's institutions listed among the best universities in the world according to QS Rankings 2020. Part-time employment are also available in Canada.

Furthermore, Canada's R&D activities are prolific and constant, allowing it to be recognized as a worldwide leader.

Studying in Canada opens up a plethora of possibilities for you. One of them is the wide range of courses available.

Listed below are some of the popular ones:
• Business Management
• Cybersecurity
• Petroleum Engineering
• Engineering
• Information Technology
• Health and Medicine
• Interior Design
• Media and Journalism

English Proficiency Exam

To study in Canada from Nepal, you must submit English language scores. International English tests such as the PTE, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, or IELTS sometimes involve the application procedure. To apply to a Canadian university, every overseas student needs take one of the famous English examinations. We provide English proficiency tutoring at AECC Global Nepal to help Nepalese students get excellent scores on English language examinations such as the IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE.

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