"Many Nepalese students aspire to further their education in the United States. The United States, which is often seen as the leader of the free world, has a plethora of top-ranked educational institutions and universities that provide internationally recognized degrees. "


From the Big Easy to the Big Apple, the United States is truly the land of opportunities.

The US is home to the highest number of international students in the world. With famous cities, epic landscapes, highly ranked universities and exciting campus environments, studying in the US offers the perfect blend of educational quality and cultural experience.

Study and Living Cost Info
USA is home to maximum number of top universities in the world so cost of living and education expenses can vary.

Living Cost

For a single person it cost around $10000 to $12000 per year to maintain their living expenses.

Other additional can be calculated based on your designated univesity and the location of the university.

Much Does it Cost to Study?

Undergraduate Bachelor Degree: $15,000 to $33,000*
Postgraduate Masters Degree: $20,000 to $37,000*
Note: High value courses like medical and veterinary are not included

In-Depth Details
As international student you have to pay your tuition fee first before you study. Normally all university take about 50% in advance from the 1st year's tuition fee. Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) also has to be paid with the tuition fee.

Why to study in

USA from Nepal?

USA is a modern, democratic country with great healthcare, world-class educational institutions and geography that’s like no place else on earth.

The American Education System

With over 4,500 colleges and universities, the United States has ten times the amount of tertiary-level education choices as any other country, making it considerably simpler to pursue your professional goals.

You can also pursue a master’s degree (2 years) or a Doctorate (1–4 years) in a wide range of areas if you want to continue your education.

Cost to Study in USA from Nepal?

It can be costly to study in the United States. Managing your expenditures might be difficult when state colleges charge upwards of USD$23,000 per year and private colleges charge an average of USD$31,000 or more for an undergraduate bachelor's degree.

If you want to get an Associate Degree, you may get one from a public college for as little as USD$ 3,300 each year.

Best Places to Study

The well-known institutions are evenly distributed across the United States. Each of the country's states may brag about their illustrious institutions. Some of the cities included in the top 100 QS best student cities 2019 rankings are Boston, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and Atlanta. These locations provide worldwide exposure, opportunity to work in industry while studying, and crucial career contacts, among other things.

The United States is a cosmopolitan country where children may learn about many cultures and lifestyles, allowing them to grow as global citizens. Boston is known as the United States' student capital, with over 20% of students coming from other countries. Each city, like any other nation, has its own set of living expenditures, and if students plan their stay and lifestyle carefully, their time in the United States will be both pleasurable and informative.

Popular courses to study

In the realm of engineering studies, particularly computer engineering, the United States is a trailblazer. International students continue to flock to it because of the financially secure future it offers. Medicine, Business Management, Pharmaceutical Studies, Petroleum Engineering, Science, and Mathematics follow Engineering.

Over 2 million courses are offered by US schools, and overseas students can study at any level from diploma to doctorate. College education in the United States is both challenging and rewarding. The majority of courses are designed to provide students practical job experience while they are learning. The training can lead to lucrative job chances with leading corporations all around the world. In the United States, both government and private universities provide a variety of scholarships to help you follow your dream degree.

English Proficiency Exam

To study in the United States from Nepal, you must submit English language scores. International English tests such as the PTE, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, or IELTS sometimes involve the application procedure. To apply to an American university, every overseas student needs take one of the recognized English examinations. We provide English proficiency tutoring at AECC Global Nepal to help Nepalese students get excellent scores on English language examinations such as the IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE.

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